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FurryFox's News

Posted by FurryFox - June 15th, 2015

Sup little people. Don't know who the original owner of this account was but I bought his or her computer a while back and found this account to be logged in when I came to this site. (Stored passwords ftw)

In any case, this account is now my property so lets have some fun!

Posted by FurryFox - October 18th, 2012

I died for a bit there. Sorry about that.

Posted by FurryFox - April 7th, 2012

I've almost forgot what it feels like to sit down and do nothing for a whole day except browse the internet in search of stuff. I enjoy leading an active life but it's still nice to sit on a computer for a good part of my day without worrying about anything.

Feels good to do nothing...

Posted by FurryFox - March 26th, 2012

Now if I can figure out why my internet connection isn't working on it I can have fun.

Posted by FurryFox - March 23rd, 2012

i just realized today is the 23rd of March. That means it's my birthday. I demand you all to shower me with chicks, gifts, booze, and chicks in sexy sports jerseys. Preferably hockey jerseys. I FUCKING LOVE HOCKEY!!!

And to those who know of my other interests, you can shower me with those too. :3

Posted by FurryFox - March 14th, 2012

Idk. What should it be about? Eggs? snow? lack of snow? hats? video games? cheap asses who barter for video games? crazy old ladies? dogs? cats? cake? vegetables? soup? homeless people? rich people? swag? classiness? money? mud? trees? keys? picks? weed? smoking? creepy music that seems to calm you down? ponies? chickens? furries? porn?


Edit" We go from ponies to eggs to crazy old cat lady to Johnny Derp for some reason.

This blog is about....

Posted by FurryFox - March 4th, 2012

Over in general. Post a thread about what odd thing happens to me in my day and everyone screams bullshit. Not my fault interesting things happen around me.

Posted by FurryFox - March 2nd, 2012

Yet people in real life and online seem to think so just because I call myself the *Straightest Furry You'll Ever Know*. Heck I got friends who are gay in real life and have befriended a few online. It doesn't bug me as long as you don't shove it down my throat or something else down my throat. The only people I TRULY hate in life are those people who shove the words of the bible down your throats. Do I believe in god? No, but I do believe some mighty power created us because something or someone can't be born from nothing. We cool now guys?

Posted by FurryFox - March 1st, 2012

Really? Really!? This has got to be the biggest thing I hate about the fandom. Get a +18 pic of your sona and someone else you're proclaimed whores in real life. Heck I've even heard of stories of furries egging some girls house because she bought a few pics of her murrsona sexing a few guys. They even spray painted WHORE on her roof. If you can't separate a picture from real life then there is something wrong in your head. IT JUST ART YOU IDIOTS. STOP THINKING ITS REAL LIFE!

Posted by FurryFox - February 28th, 2012

Lets talk about artist selling off these. All they are, are the same character simply colored over or maybe have an extra horn or two. They sell them at silly prices like 20 or more dollars. I personally don't see why people buy them. Sure it puts some extra money in there pockets but it seems to be ripping off the buyer in some way. There is also another thing that irks me about adoptables. Artists make rules for them like not being drawn a certain way or by who. I don't get it. If someone bought one from you why do you think you still have say in what he/she does with it?