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Entry #41

This is my account now :3

2015-06-15 08:14:41 by FurryFox

Sup little people. Don't know who the original owner of this account was but I bought his or her computer a while back and found this account to be logged in when I came to this site. (Stored passwords ftw)

In any case, this account is now my property so lets have some fun!


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2015-06-15 15:57:45

Nice lol!


2015-12-29 06:24:08

Give it to me.

FurryFox responds:

no u


2015-12-30 09:50:17

You're lucky,this acc has some good stats,tons of forum posts and almost a 100k medals.

FurryFox responds:

I know right?


2015-12-31 15:24:40

Do you another one ?


2017-03-12 16:15:49

This person was struck down in the street by a car, they were my friend, and if you don't believe me here's the post explaining what happened.