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You just can't handle the awesomeness of tea!

First off excellent job with the facial expressions. All of them were pure gold. You also made it the perfect length. Anything shorter or longer would have not been funny to me, yet this makes me want to hit the pay button over, and over, and over again.

Funny as hell!

When I first clicked this I had no idea what I was in for. I was laughing the whole puppet part but when grandma's voice came in I lol'd so loud. The ending was pure gold and the animation and voice acting were top notch.

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Pretty decent.

It was an alright game. The difficulties were very accurate because the little girl mode was actually like fighting little girls and the harder mode was like fighting a real threat. The weapons you get after defeating each boss was a cool bonus and fighting them again with your own arm/weapon was actually very satisfying. My only thing is that when you do fight on the harder mode you should make more item drops, also sometimes I get surrounded by enemies and I can't hit them becaue they keep hitting me as a get up giving me no chance to attack. Other then tht I found this game to be pretty solid and very enjoyable.

Very good.

A fantastic game, can't wait for part two. The game play was quite unique, in that you lost your levels every day, but you implemented a system where every day regaining them got easier, so it wasn't too much of a chore to get them back. The graphics and game play really reminded me of video gaming's glory days, back in the SNES times. Fun, simple, and a good storyline. looking forward to part two.


First off great work on all the monsters and bosses. Everything that attacked always had me thinking what move to use it. Each monster had their own easy/hard way to defeat them. (Well, maybe not the cats) the difficulty overall was very well done. Adding bonuses to them on harder difficulties made the game much more challanging and fun. The checkpoints/save area was a great thing to have as well when you are short on time.
Also the skills you acquire from fighting is very fun to play around with as well. I enjoy seeing what new skill I can get from fighting. The last good thing I can think of is the character dialog boxes. I laughed at most of them because they were so funny. One thing that kinda annoyed me was the little mini games. I managed to find a dead spot within the spawn area but the fact you can take damage only a few seconds after your hit kinda got on my nerves.
Well since I don't feel like boring you with my wall of text I think I'll stop here and just give you that 10/10, and 5/5.

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Never get bored of this.

Funny. Repetitive, longs songs were never something I liked, but this is something I can fully listen too and even listen to it again and again. You can totally sense all the video game inspiration in this song.

nostalgia rush!

It's been too long since I heard the song let alone remixed nicely. I only got the joy of playing it one in my life but never forgot the music. Thanks for making me feel a littel bit younger for a bit~

Sure brings me back.

Man this song was one nice blast from the past. I really love the remix of that level. Makes me wanna pull out my old super mario 64 for my DS and pull one more game out of it.

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I love the faces on all of them. The elf looks so totally confused out of his mind and the fruits look rather scary yet awesome at the same time.

Haha, nice.

even though it's messy it's still awesome to see it. The picture itself gave me a good little chuckle. Thanks for drawing me.

uglyslug responds:

No prob.


Very good job. The expression is perfect, the pose itself is also perfect, and I also like how you ruffled her fur up a bit. The overall picture was nicely drawn so you get a well deserved 10/10, 5/5.

ScorpianX0 responds:

Thank you very much, Glad you liked it ^^

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